Olive oil is a vital part of the Mediterranean diet. It is a vegetable oil high in monosaturated fat, and in particular oleic acid, which it contains in a proportion of around 55% to 83%.

A diet rich in oleic acid has been shown to reduce overall cholesterol; lowering the level of LDL cholesterol (harmful cholesterol) and raising the level of HDL cholesterol (beneficial cholesterol). Studies have shown that this healthy fat reduces triglycerides, blood pressure, and the level of glucose in the blood, lowering the risk of contracting cardiovascular disease.

Olive oil can slow down the natural ageing process of the skin. It is a powerful antioxidant, with high levels of vitamin E, and polyphenols known to neutralise the damaging effect of free radicals. The high proportion of antioxidants in olive oil is important in fighting certain tumours common in the developed world.

A diet including olive oil has been shown to prevent osteoporosis, very common among older people.

It’s clear that olive oil has a vital role to play in our diet, and enhances our general physical and mental wellbeing.


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