Hispasur, a family tradition


The YEVENES GARCIA family began acquiring the land for their olive groves way back in 1858. For years they worked at producing only the very best quality olives, and finally their dedication and hard work paid off – they were able to set up a small mill in which to press their own olive oil. Subsequent generations have upheld our family values, maintaining a respect for nature and the environment, and staying true to traditional methods of production.

quienes somos

Now a new generation has joined the family business, introducing the latest technological advances; we want every corner of the world to appreciate the quality and reputation of our olive oil.
We are proud of our modest beginnings, and that our oil is part of an ancient culture, which is originated in Hispania, on the southern edge of the Roman empire – Spain as we know it today. The culture continues, thanks to our family’s perseverance and dedication.